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By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical perspective-

(April 30, 2009) I have just read the news reports of the recent HATE CRIME BILL being passed successfully in the US HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES yesterday.

Personally, I would like to see the HATE CRIME BILL, if passed in the Senate, used against those people in America who regularly commit the GREATEST HATE CRIMES OF ALL...the human-sacrificing, child exploiting/raping followers of the the greatest hater of all, Satan/Lucifer.

Hard-core organized Satanism/Illuminism is rampant, widespread, and continues unchecked across this NA continent. Satanists planted in the intelligence community, law enforcement, judicial and other key places of power regularly cover for their fellow satanists on the outside, ensuring that few of their fellow satanists will ever get successfully prosecuted for satanic hate crimes against humanity.

Hard-core satanism is prevalent, in fact, throughout our nation's Capitol and includes many devoted adherents throughout the US government, politics, intelligence community, military, etc. Such people are also the most outspoken adherents and advocates of the NEW WORLD ORDER agenda, which translates "Satan's manifest kingdom on earth."

HATE CRIMES against humanity occur on a regular basis against the innocent nationwide and worldwide through satanism/Illuminism and their occult rituals and practices.

Brutal actions against innocent victims and Christians take place in ALL their satanic rituals, OFTEN including against CHRISTIANS because of their religious beliefs opposed to satanism and the NWO. Such hate motivated crimes include: abduction prior to ritual sacrifice dates, ongoing torture, rape, mutilation, dismemberment and culminating in horrific torture/murder and usually cannnibalization of the expired victim on that particular ritual sacrifice sate.

Victims of such hate motivated crimes(abducted or bred by baby-breeders for this purpose or obtained through phony "adoption agencies) range from the UNBORN cut out of abducted mothers' wombs to be sacrificed, to ALL age groups/genders. Former satanists and surviving victims have outlined in detail the horrific torture/murder sacrifices they have personally attended.

As an investigative journalist, I have worked for years to uncover and unmask hard-core organized satanism in the USA in various regions, working with satanic crime investigators, people of FBI and other background, various people in police departments, and former victims and participants in organized hard-core satanism.

It is estimated by both former satanist leaders, FBI/CIA, and others dealing with this type of hate crime against humanity that I have personally interviewed, that numbers of victims annually range into the UPPER HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS annually...just in America alone.

And due to cover-up by your major news media conglomerates through news-media bias/blackout, most Americans will never hear or read of these statistics or discover the truth about SATANISM IN AMERICA TODAY.

In fact, former high level satanists/Illuminati have admitted to me personally that THE SATANISTS OF AMERICA AND THE WORLD ARE "THE BACKBONE OF THE COMING NEW WORLD ORDER." SATAN/Lucifer is the spiritual head of the NWO, and his followers are the backbone and leaders/instigators of it, worldwide (Satanists/Illuminati/the CRAFT/the BROTHERHOOD are all terms for them.)

The Bible concurs with this analysis completely. Revelation 13, in speaking of this coming endtime worldwide kingdom of antichrist, discloses that Satan gives to this kingdom HIS THRONE, HIS POWER AND GREAT AUTHORITY.

(The Book of Revelation, chapter 13 and elsewhere, further reveals that this worldwide kingdom of Satan WILL have the power to put the saints of God (through faith in Jesus Christ) TO DEATH worldwide, who will refuse to participate in this satanic world globalist agenda. Even Satanists/Illuminati know through the Christian Bible, that we CANNOT and WILL NOT accept their NWO agenda. Hence in America, for example we Christians are already labeled behind the scenes on government computers as, "Resisters of the NWO" by it's adherents.)

The Bible reveals that this worldwide kingdom of darkness is demonically empowered through the worship of Satan/Lucifer as well. And HOW is he primarily worshipped? THROUGH HUMAN SACRIFICE. Former satanists have admitted that this is WHY the demand for more and more victims of human sacrifice worldwide: to receive more power from Satan in order to bring forth his NEW WORLD ORDER AGENDA.

The greatest HATE CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY of all times, is inspired by Satan/Lucifer, carried out regularly by his adherents and NWO advocates in their horrific human sacrifice rituals, and becomes the embodiment of "HATE CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY" through the manifestation of THE NEW WORLD ORDER to come.

CIA NWO adherents confirmed this to me completely.
"We satanists in the CIA sat around discussing how MUCH WE HATED THE CHRISTIANS in America, who stand in the way of our NEW WORLD ORDER agenda. We finally decided on building concentration camps to GET RID OF THE CHRISTIANS and all other NWO resistance in the future...."

(Satanists are always hired by the CIA for assassin purposes, etc. They make excellent assassins because they kill without regret or remorse or conscience....)

They further admitted to me personally that EVERY VICTIM arrested under MARTIAL LAW in America, to be killed in boxcars/shackles, Noahide laws guillotines, or in the actual deathcamps, will count in NWO SATANIST/ILLUMINATI MINDS AS ONE MORE SACRIFICE TO SATAN/LUCIFER to obtain his power to bring forth their NEW WORLD ORDER AGENDA.

Tragically, soon Americans will witness the GREATEST HATE CRIME OF ALL TIME manifested throughout our nation, as martial law is deliberately triggered by their NWO black ops, and the massive arrests of the innocents commence, with Christians and other good American citizens targeted BECAUSE they are "resisters of the NWO" (satan's kingdom on earth), and their subsequent "brutal rape, torture and death" which former CIA NWO planners have admitted to me will then be imposed on these victims by the NWO haters of decency and humanity. (Whether committed against the victims in the prisoner boxcars with shackles, or in the dread FEMA/Homeland Security/Military detention/deathcamps of the NWO agenda.)

HATRED PERSONIFIED, leading to genuine HATE CRIMES, is found in none other that Satan/Lucifer himself, manifested through his followers and NWO adherents against all that is good, decent, kind and God-fearing.

Can we use the HATE CRIME BILL to attack and expose the GREATEST HATE CRIME OF ALL...organized satanism/Illuminism in America (and the world) today? THEIR hatred leads to GENUINE HATE MOTIVATED CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY: the untimely and horrific deaths of millions of innocent victims annually worldwide on their satanic altars of human sacrifice.

Whether HATE CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY committed in posh BOHEMIAN GROVE, or SKULL AND BONES, or throughout the thousands of regional covens across this nation with every night of a full moon or date of satanist rituals, such genuine hate crimes against humanity MUST be exposed and withstood and countered. The silence must be shattered around this darkness, once and for all.

And for all of the above reasons, I reiterate without apology: When martial law is declared regionally or nationwide, and the arrests/round-ups of all perceived NWO resistance, political and religious "on the lists", begins, DO NOT SURRENDER TO THESE FORCES OF HELL NOR BE TAKEN ALIVE BY THESE MURDERERS/TORTURERS/NWO ADHERENTS to the BOXCARS AND SHACKLES nor to the CAMPS.

My fellow Americans and fellow Christians, stand your ground and fight for your freedoms, for your families, your liberties and your national heritage and your very right to exist as a free person. Better to die standing for freedom and the values that once made America great, than to surrender meekly to these forces of hell who will only torture and destroy you and all who stand in their NWO agenda...THE GREATEST HATE CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY OF ALL TIMES.

-Pamela Schuffert reporting from across the nation

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