Sunday, July 19, 2015


Pamela Rae Schuffert


By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

TODAY, my Christian friend Sylvia and I are SO EXCITED! 

God is opening a new door in her life this week. Thanks to Almighty God and His healing mercies through Jesus Christ, Sylvia has gradually improved in her health condition, to the point that she is now able to provide volunteer work exercising the horses for a Christian therapy ranch in Minnesota. I will also be volunteering at this ranch, CHANGING GAITS.
Sylvia's back in the saddle!

Last year when I went to Florida to pick up Sylvia and bring her here to Montana for private home health care and restorative therapy including the use of organic foods and vitamins, Sylvia was very weak and sick. A PET scan and CAT scan revealed that she suffered from stage 4 pancreatic cancer and lymphoma activity. I did not know if she was even going to survive to the end of last year.

BUT PRAYER and the financial support of generous readers like yourself, MADE THE DIFFERENCE! With such support I was able to purchase essential organic VITAMINS AND SUPPLEMENTS AND ORGANIC FOODS for juicing and smoothies to help restore Sylvia's health.

For the past 16 months, Sylvia and I stood on the powerful WORD OF GOD and watched as God came through WITH A MIRACLE of gradual but certain recovery as the cancer evidently regressed during this time. THIS IS A MIRACLE! All praise and glory be to Almighty God through His precious Son, Jesus Christ!

With summertime now in full swing, we prayed for God to move Sylvia to a location where she could exercise and build up her strength and health even more. Sylvia and i also wanted to be in a Christian atmosphere where we could both help others and minister to their needs.

God opened this very special door at last! GUY KAUFMAN is the man who operates CHANGING GAITS Christian horse ranch in Brook Park, Minnesota, a hour north of St. Paul/Minneapolis. They have a huge indoor horse arena in which Guy provides therapeutic horse rides for everyone who can benefit for "horseback riding therapy." 

And there are MANY people in crisis who come from all over the region to be blessed by his wonderful work there. Guy's wonderful ministry also includes a home for battered women also recovery from substance abuse, a home for men recovering from substance abuse, and the therapeutic horseback riding arena and ranch at CHANGING GAITS.

Since EXERCISE is vitally important for people recovering from CANCER, Sylvia will be helping at CHANGING GAITS by exercising the horses daily there. Sylvia is SO EXCITED! Her lifelong dream of RIDING HORSES, COWGIRL STYLE, "INTO THE SUNSET" is about to be fulfilled!

I cannot stop PRAISING GOD for the great miracle of Sylvia's gradual recovery from what typically proves to be FATAL for many  cancer victims! Yes, there is HOPE, even when conventional medicine fails and doctors say, "it is hopeless." As long as there is an Almighty God seated in glory, THERE IS HOPE! "With GOD, all things are POSSIBLE."

I am writing this to ask my readers to PLEASE KEEP OUR JOURNEY TO MINNESOTA IN YOUR PRAYERS! We are leaving MONDAY, July 20th, 2015, and will be traveling for five days to reach CHANGING GAITS. I will be towing a 37 foot RV trailer behind my truck, which will be out home while we minister there this summer. PRAY FOR OUR SAFETY!

Also, WE ARE IN NEED OF FINANCIAL HELP FOR THIS JOURNEY! After making reservations at RV parks for this journey, plus getting the truck serviced for the trip and purchasing food and other supplies, we ran over our estimated budget, and now we are short several hundred dollars for diesel fuel and two nights at an RV park.

So now, Sylvia and I are praying for an extra FINANCIAL HELP for this 1,500 mile journey. FUEL GETS CONSUMED MORE QUICKLY when you are hauling a heavy trailer behind you! Furthermore, Sylvia's costs of vitamins, organic foods and supplements to keep her health improving continues to be very expensive. 

And I was shocked to discover how the price of RV parks has gone up since I was on the road in the past. Some charge as much as $85.00 per night! The ones we will be staying at nightly average around $60.00 nightly. Whew! 

And so, I am sharing this request for EMERGENCY FINANCIAL SUPPORT to help make this exciting trip POSSIBLE THIS WEEK. Otherwise, we will find ourselves spending the nights in WALMART parking lots or truck-stop parking lots until emergency funds trickle in. 

This is NEVER a good situation for two women on the road, and one of them with health issues. However, we are pressing on to VICTORY IN JESUS regardless of any hardships we may face! Sylvia's new ministry and therapy awaits in MINNESOTA and we are COMING.

You can help us in this exciting opportunity. SIMPLY go to and click on "SEND MONEY". My PAYPAL account's address to send money to is: 

THIS WAY WE HAVE IMMEDIATE ACCESS TO THE DONATIONS, which is important when it comes to FUEL and NIGHTLY STAYS in RV parks.

You can also provide support through the website GO GUND ME (link below). It takes a few days to process any support through GO FUND ME, however. If you do not have a PAYPAL account, you can give through GO FUND ME below.

(Simply REMEMBER that the funds listed as previously raised have been used up long ago.)

Thank YOU for your urgently needed PRAYER SUPPORT THIS PRAYER JOURNEY ACROSS AMERICA, and Sylvia's exciting new opportunity at CHANGING GAITS Christian horse ranch and rehab in Minnesota.

And thank you for considering helping to make this possible financially. At this time, we simply cannot make it WITHOUT YOU.

Sincerely, Pamela Rae Schuffert, on the way to a new ADVENTURE FOR JESUS!

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