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by Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism with a Christian perspective

There are many different people groups across America who have begun to wake up to the realization of terrible threat the NWO/world globalist communism presents to our precious liberties and our future. One major group that stands gravely endangered are THE CHRISTIANS OF AMERICA TODAY. The satanic/antigod-based NEW WORLD ORDER is the total antithesis of everything Christianity could ever stand for. And since the forces of NWO darkness have rightly perceived that true Biblical Christians will not abandon their faith to jump on board their NWO "LUCIFER IS god" bandwagon, they have made many plans for the removal and elimination of the Christians, not only in America, but worldwide. (And to of course remove ALL OTHER NWO resisters as well.)

This is WHY I repeatedly report on THE FEMA CAMPS being set up nationwide, to eliminate all NWO resistance. Many in the Christian communities are waking up to the evident unfolding of this NWO agenda in our nation.

But then THE QUESTION ARISES, as we face times of turmoil with the potential to lead to martial law, IS THERE JUSTIFICATION FOR THE USE OF REASONABLE and JUSTIFIABLE FORCE to defend a person and their family, etc.? Many Christians today are unarmed pacifists, as well as many other non-Christian groups in America, for both ethical and religious reasons.

I was forced to come to grips with this question, as a Christian, when embroiled in the battle to protect victims from organized satanist attackers in the mountains of NC for many years. I was finally forced to leave the region after a deadly abduction attempt on my life that failed, but barely. Had they succeeded in the autumn of 1995 at Ridgecrest, NC, I would have been injected, duct-taped, chained inside their Ryder rental truck, and transported to the huge satanist caverns of the Great Smoky mountains of TN, stretched out and nailed to one of their crosses, and "taught a little lesson,"(permanently) as my father's former high priest "Jericho," admitted to me after my escape.

Upon the advice of a satanic crime investigator I was working with in Asheville, NC, at one time I decided to move in with the family of a young woman they had targeted for abduction because she was a CHRISTIAN and a virgin as well. The satanists had made life all but unbearable for her and her family, to the point where most of her Christian friends and pastor had abandoned her in fear. She needed someone like myself to stand in faith with her.

After moving in to help instruct her in spiritual warfare and to support her family, I watched in horror as their tactics continued unabated against this family. The head of this particular coven, who I finally uncovered and exposed after 7 years of nationwide investigative journalism to track him down (well known in satanist circles,Tony Richards, a Lakota Sioux from Pine Ridge Reservation, SD), finally CALLED MY FRIEND and told her the particularly grisly details of what they would do to her tender body ONCE THEY ABDUCTED HER FOR SACRIFICE.

I watched in her home one day as she collapsed screaming on the floor as his sadistic words spoken again over the phone to her sunk in. I was livid by then. Grabbing the phone out of her hand as she lay sobbing, I made the following statement:"Look, I am a Christian...I care about where you will spend eternity someday...I am praying for you...BUT CROSS THIS LINE OF DECENCY AND HUMANITY to break into her home and abduct her....and I will have NO PROBLEM REDUCING YOU TO BLOODY HISTORY all over her sidewalk!"

Prior to this, I had frankly been unarmed and pacifist.
Extremely tender because of all the trauma in our home, I was very sensitive to the value of the lives of others. Previously, the thought of carrying a gun, even in self defense, had been appalling to me. I also felt I had Christian reason to NOT carry a gun at that time. Years of praying for protection in often difficult and dangerous mission fields had taught me the POWER OF PRAYER and God's protection. But the Bible also tells us, that FAITH WITHOUT WORKS IS DEAD. And sometimes, we are required to do more than pray alone.

But now I was faced with this dilemma: do I sit back passively and just allow brutal satanists to break into her home? DO I in good conscience simply ALLOW these wicked people to abduct this young woman and take her away to be brutally raped, tortured and sacrificed by them?

I was forced to ask myself the question: IS THERE A TIME FOR REASONABLE AND JUSTIFIABLE FORCE to protect the INNOCENT from the wicked??? I was forced by these circumstances to conclude, THAT THERE IS. The spirit of true Christianity never sits back and allows the wicked to triumph over the innocent. It never sits by and allows those under satan's control to get away with murder. I began to realize many things in such deadly encounters.

And I finally crossed the line to join others who believe this as well. From that time on throughout that situation, I carried a fully loaded handgun 24/7, and served as a bodyguard while I was with her. I trained in indoor shooting ranges. I finally bought a GLOCK 19 9mm and filled it with hydrashock bullets for maximum stopping power against these insane murderers. And HAD these people without conscience succeeded in breaking into her home as they constantly threatened, I would have had no problem in using justifiable force to stop these murderers dead in their tracks to protect the innocent. Proverbs 24:11-12 says, "RESCUE those unjustly to slaughter. Oh, HOLD THEM BACK and do not let them DIE!"(paraphrased)

AND NOW, I and my fellow Americans/Christians are faced with a similar crisis on a nationwide scale. As my reports, and that of others, have been consistently telling the American people that THE NWO AGENDA IS MOVING TO TAKE OVER THIS NATION and to eliminate all opposition through brute force tactics under martial law, WHAT SHOULD OUR RESPONSE BE?

I personally know, and have openly reported, that the SATANISTS/ILLUMINATI of the world are behind all this NWO takeover effort. And I have faithfully and accurately reported that they OFFER HUMAN SACRIFICE BEHIND CLOSED DOORS constantly, hoping to receive power from satan to bring down their NWO agenda. The NWO from the heads down (Illuminati/satanists) are cold-blooded, human-sacrificing MURDERERS and HATERS OF GOD intent on bringing SATAN'S KINGDOM into power to rule the WORLD and AMERICA as well.

I have faithfully reported the revelations of former satanists and CIA NWO planners, that these NWO madmen will move with force and violence against the Christians and all OTHER NWO resistance (gun owners, Constitutionalists, etc.). And those innocent victims the NWO manages to arrest under martial law will face BRUTAL RAPE, TORTURE and DEATH, whether in the boxcars or in the FEMA/HOMELAND SECURITY camps.

This is how NWO satanists operate presently (brutal rape, torture and death on their satanist altars COVERTLY), and how the NWO satanists will operate OPENLY in the future. CIA admissions have fully confirmed this to me personally, plus many others.

And because this is a satanic, godless, lawless agenda of the NWO that is coming to destroy innocent lives and all that stand in their wicked path, operating in TOTAL VIOLATION of the Word of God and it's principles, I say THE FOLLOWING without apology to my fellow Christians and Americans in this hour: YOU ARE UNDER neither MORAL nor SPIRITUAL CONSTRAINT to sit meekly back as satan's NWO henchmen come to YOUR home to break in under martial law.

These people have broken and will break the eternal laws of ALMIGHTY GOD, in their insane quest to rule the world under Lucifer's grim godless power. They stand in direct opposition to our Constitution and our American freedoms as well.

THE NEW WORLD ORDER IS SOMEDAY COMING in SATAN'S NAME, to STEAL, to KILL and to DESTROY in America. And as former satanists admitted to me bluntly, EVERY PERSON THEY ARREST to take to the boxcars and the camps, will count in their NWO minds as "ONE MORE SACRIFICE TO SATAN" to allegedly obtain "power" from him to bring forth his NWO agenda.The Bible declares, in fact, that "Jesus Christ was manifested to DESTROY THE WORKS OF THE DEVIL." (No WONDER satan and his followers hate the Christian!)

IT IS THEREFORE A RIGHTEOUS ACT to stand against their NWO agenda, to STAND UP AGAINST the arresting of the innocents under martial law, to OPPOSE WITH REASONABLE FORCE these murderers and their mercenary troops who will come to break into YOUR home, to arrest YOUR pastor and fellow Christians (or any OTHER NWO resister group.)

DO NOT BE TAKEN ALIVE TO THEIR CAMPS! DO NOT SURRENDER YOUR WEAPONS! DO NOT ABANDON YOU CHRISTIAN BELIEFS nor the principles that once made America great.STAND YOUR GROUND and FIGHT these forces of hell and die IN FREEDOM like true American heroes and saints who withstood satan's armies, rather than ever be taken alive.

There is nothing worthwhile to surrender to, when it comes to satan's NWO. SURRENDER to WHAT? TO SATAN'S FORCES of death and destruction of the of everything we cherish in American? SURRENDER your wives to be raped, your children molested and brainwashed into NWO propaganda at re-education camps? SURRENDER to be taken away to boxcars and camps to be brutally tortured and mercilessly killed? (You are already on their hit list to be eliminated if they come to your home to arrest you ANYWAY. People ON THE LISTS are already MARKED FOR TERMINATION.)

There is indeed therefore a TIME FOR REASONABLE, JUSTIFIABLE FORCE to be used to defend the righteous against the wicked and their murderous intentions. And that time may be rapidly approaching in our nation, America. Prayerfully prepare Biblically and practically for the coming hour of martial law and NWO conquest, remembering that many of the Christian founders of our nation, including Mayflower Pilgrims (from which I am in fact directly descended, John and Priscilla Alden), often carried a BIBLE in ONE hand, and a loaded musket in the other in the noble pursuit of the intention to found a nation under the leadership and inspiration of the God of the Bible.

Remember, our "Pledge of Allegiance" states clearly, "One Nation UNDER GOD..." and NEVER "One Nation under SATAN.....!"

-Pamela Schuffert

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  1. I respect your post but One Nation UNDER GOD can easily mean UNDER any GOD. I think. Like the post. So you think we shouldn't sit back. I always thought what would Jesus do? But I'm not Jesus. I know i gotta be like him but I gotta protect my family.